About Uldura

Uldura’s history starts in Canada, protecting people from the sport of Ice Hockey, our very first product was designed to protect hockey players from serious lacerations to their lower legs.  We were the pioneers of the protective sock concept and have successfully protected professional and amateur hockey players around the world since 2009.

Our product validation was completed in 2012 with the culmination of a global licensing agreement with New Balance and their Warrior Hockey brand which we foresee as a lasting relationship going forward.  Since our inception, it became very apparent to us that the protective hosiery space is greatly overlooked in all markets.  Socks, for whatever reason are often an afterthought to most people, brands and industries.  Nothing is more gratifying to us than having people rediscover the value of socks and the benefits they can provide.

For the past few years we have undertaken a massive R & D effort to create a complete line of socks that will be used to protect people in all walks of life.  We have partnered with some of the most respected brands on the planet to provide what we feel is the most comprehensive and technical line of protective socks ever created.