Compression Socks

New for 2014 is Uldura’s line of Fashion Compression Socks. Our goal is to build on our protective roots and apply them to the everyday user.   In order to accomplish this we have taken ordinary business socks and added stylish design, medical grade graduated compression, copper ion technology and used only the highest quality environmentally sustainable yarns.

•Modern stylish design
•Earth friendly bamboo and merino wool
•Available in 10-15 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg
•Natural copper ion bacterial and fungal control

Uldura’s Fashion Compression Socks using graduated compression to promote better circulation and help prevent chronic venous disorder.   More generally, these socks can be worn every day to prevent muscle fatigue, keeping your legs feeling fresh during long working days.. Furthermore, the addition of Copper CuTEC™ uses ancient technology to prevent odour causing bacteria, fungal infections and promote healthy skin cell growth.

Uldura’s Graduated Compression socks balance premium technology with logical functionality to create innovative footwear perfect for all walks of life.

Recommended Uses

Medical Professionals / Factory Workers / Business People / Teachers / Air Travel / Diabetics / Chronic Venous Disorders / Leg Fatigue / Bank Tellers / Retail Tellers / Desk Workers / Pregnant Woman

Sizing Information

Length: Calf length | Crew Length

Further Information

For more information on where to purchase or becoming a distributor please contact us at