Cut Resistant Socks

Uldura’s cut resistant socks were originally designed to protect ice hockey players from lower leg lacerations. Currently a large number of professional hockey players around the globe wear cut resistant socks with Uldura’s proprietary yarns. They are made just like ordinary socks but are constructed of high tech fibers used in a variety of bullet proof vests and armours. Uldura’s cut resistant socks are designed to protect your lower legs from knee to boot without impeding performance. It’s hard to believe that something so soft and comfortable can provide such a high level of protection.

• Worn by professional athletes around the globe
• Incorporates Copper CuTEC™ for skin wellness and antimicrobial properties
• Made with bamboo or merino wool for natural comfort and climate control
• Laboratory tested and proven to be ANSI cut level 4

Uldura’s Cut Resistant Socks balance premium technology with logical functionality to create innovative footwear perfect for outdoor sports, industrial safety, military applications and more...

Recommended Uses

Construction / Mountain Biking / Forestry / Waste Management / Landscaping / Military / Disaster Relief / Reef Fishing / Hiking / Recycling Industry / Demolition / Tree Planting / Mining / Emergency Response

Sizing Information

Length: Calf length | Crew Length

Further Information

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Compatible Technologies

Our Cut Resistant technology can be used on its own or combined with any, or all of our waterproof, gaiter and flame resistant technologies. Please see below for more details on Uldura Cut Resistant Socks’ adaptability.