Flame Resistant Socks

The ultimate goal in designing the Uldura Flame Resistant Socks was to protect the skin from burns. After all, the skin is the body’s largest and most sensitive organ. Secondly, these socks must provide utmost comfort to be worn in the most demanding conditions. In order to accomplish these goals, a blend of Lenzing FR® and Merino wool is the premier choice.

Lenzing FR® is a fiber made of natural raw material that has a flame retardant substance incorporated throughout its cross-section. Beyond it being environmentally friendly, its composition also ensures permanent protection that cannot be compromised by either washing or abrasion

•Permanent flame resistance
•Outstanding comfort
•Environmentally friendly
•Natural temperature control

Uldura’s Flame Resistant Socks balance premium technology with logical functionality to create innovative footwear perfect for motor sports, industrial safety, military applications and more...

Recommended Uses

Urban and Forest Firefighting / Motorsports / Electrical Workers / Oil and Gas Industry / Welders / Steel Workers / Disaster Relief / Military

Sizing Information

Length: Calf length | Crew Length

Further Information

For more information on where to purchase or becoming a distributor please contact us at info@uldura.com

Compatible Technologies

Our flame resistant technology can be used on its own or combined with a number of our other technologies. Please see below for more details on Uldura Flame Resistant Socks’ adaptability.