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Flame Resistant

Lenzing FR®

Lenzing FR® protects against heat stress. Produced from wood, a natural raw material, Lenzing FR® offers protection against heat and flame in a variety of different applications. Around the world Lenzing FR® sets the standard for quality among cellulose fibers with an incorporated FR agent.  Only Lenzing FR® is produced using the Lenzing Modal® process. This ensures that the very highest fiber tenacities are obtained and makes it possible to insert the FR agent in a permanent manner.


Permanent Protection Incorporated

From a technical point of view, Lenzing FR® is a work of art.  The fiber, which is made of a natural raw material, has a flame retardant substance incorporated throughout the cross section of the fiber.  As well as being eco-friendly, the latter also ensures permanent protection.  The protective substance cannot be removed by either washing or abrasion.  Flame resistant once, flame resistant forever.

  • The best heat protection fiber
  • Permanent flame resistance
  • Outstanding comfort
  • Environmentally friendly

Protection From Burns

People in professions involving a high level of risk from burns need to wear special protective clothing. Apart from direct fire, hear, in its different forms, represents a significant danger.

Skin is our largest organ and its only form of protection is our clothing. The outcome could be fatal if as little as 15% of the human skin is destroyed.   Lenzing FR®, with its incorporated flame retardant agent, protects the skin from heat like no other flame resistant high performance fiber.