Gaiter Socks

Gaiter Socks are designed to be worn like an ordinary boot sock but with a very unique added benefit. Traditionally, gaiters are an individual piece of apparel worn as an accessory to cover the gap between the top of a boot and the bottom of your pants. Gaiters are intended to keep various types of debris from getting into your boots, pants and socks.

The Uldura Gaiter Sock has several key advantages over a traditional gaiter;

• The anti debris slip cover and sock are one piece eliminating cost of purchasing gaiters separately.
• The anti debris slip cover is very elastic and fits snugly a full 360º
• Snug fit keeps out all sizes of uninvited guests, be it insects, sand, sawdust etc.
• Snug fit secures boot laces from falling loose and becoming a hazard

Uldura’s Gaiter Socks balance premium technology with logical functionality to create innovative footwear perfect for outdoor sports, industrial safety, military applications and more...

Recommended Uses

Construction / Camping / Mining / Emergency Response / Hunting / Forestry / Waste Management / Landscaping / Fishing / Factory Work / Mountain Biking / Disaster Relief / Tree Planting / Cross Country Skiing / Military

Sizing Information

Length: Calf length | Crew Length

Further Information

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Compatible Technologies

Our Gaiter Sock technology can be used on its own or combined with any, or all of our waterproof, cut resistant and flame resistant technologies. Please see below for more details on Uldura Gaiter Socks’ adaptability.