Cut Resistant

Flame Resistant







Uldura’s Gaiter Socks Technology was developed to keep unwanted objects from entering your boots and to contain loose laces from becoming a hazard. Depending on your needs, our gator socks can be customized to prevent everything from molten hot metals to insects.


Using a special gauge knitting machine we are able to produce outer sock tube at in unison with the inner. Effectively the result is a single foot with two ankle and calf portions. The sock is worn like any ordinary sock until the user puts on a pair of boots. At this point the user would simply fold the outer tube down over the boot and covering the lace knot. The folding outer layer is elasticized and grips tightly to the boot while acting as a barrier to entry for unwanted pets or debris.

Our gaiter sock technology can be used on its own or combined with any, or all of our waterproof, cut resistant and flame resistant technologies