Waterproof Socks

Uldura’s OutDry Waterproof Socks are exactly that, 100% waterproof. Uldura has partnered with OutDryTechnologies to create the world’s first waterproof sock with the OutDry patented membrane technology. Our goal was to design a product that would keep your feet completely dry regardless of your footwear. Furthermore, the OutDry membrane is extremely breathable allowing moisture vapour to escape while keeping liquid water out. The membrane itself is just microns thick and can 4- way stretch up to 200 % of its original size allowing the sock to feel and perform like any traditional sock.

Uldura’s OutDry Socks provide the following benefits.

• Extreme Waterproofness
• Superior Breathability
• Totally Windproof
• Constant Insulation
• Perfect Fit

Uldura’s OutDry Waterproof Socks balance premium technology with logical functionality to create innovative footwear perfect for outdoor sports, industrial safety and military applications.

Recommended Uses

Hunting / Fishing / Military / Camping / Hiking / Disaster Relief / Tree Planting / Forestry / Mountain Biking / Golf

Sizing Information

Length: Calf length | Crew Length

Further Information

For more information on where to purchase or becoming a distributor please contact us at info@uldura.com


Compatible Technologies

We also offer bamboo or merino wool depending on warm or cold weather environments respectively. The end result is a waterproof, antimicrobial sock that will keep you warm in winters or cool in summers. Truly the first of its kind. Our waterproof sock technology can be used on its own or combined with a number of our other technologies